my poem's mythology

conscience      sounding the fifth note of our Autumn

voice of conscience that guides our choices

I have used the mythology that tells of the Elder being the wise Cailleach of the trees and the voice of conscience revealing either the gift of spiritual security or the fear of something dark is looming behind us.

Bards have shared stories of Ruis the Elder inspiring us to respond to omens by caring more for all life on this earth or spread.

They also tell us of curses that may be cast upon us if we refuse its guidance and attempt to live by being dominating within our ego if we try to seperate it from, or enclose it within, the balancing spirits of nature.

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my Ruis the Elder story poem explained ...

I start my story poem with some George Burrow as I was reading his Elder Witch poem just before sailing off on my own imagination and memories and writing lines of my own. Some of the first verse and much of the second verse are direct from Burrow's poem and I tend to weave in and out of his poem through most of this really.

I wrote this as a reflection on conscience and the words of George Burrow helped me along.

This story flows like the devil vs god conflicts, in the mind, that are often portrayed by bubbles above the head by cartoonists. He is me the young lusty man having opportunity with a young lass, but a voice within me, the voice of the Cailleach of the nearby Elder maybe, causing me to question if my lust was of honour or trickery.

The result of these thoughts, maybe Omen, upon me stopped my love juices from flowing, and alas frustrated the lass I was lusting.

Instead, my choices changed, guided by the inner voice, the inner spirit, of the Caileach, my concept of love changed. My vision of love changed from lust for lasses to receiving the lust of life.

Then through the story poem this new conscience, new vision of love, changed the way I looked, the way I appeared. My physical being changed and changed ... until I took on the form of a harp, through which all love could flow through, not just my own personal quest for love.

This becomes the transition from our third quarter of unity and harvest to the fourth quarter of divine service and sharing.

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